The Awakening - L. J. Smith

 Book One: The Vampire Diaries 
**This book will not be counted toward my book challenges.**  

Honestly, I did not read this book in its entirety.  This is the first book I read on my new phone and so it is missing some text but I got what was important. This book is definitely for young audiences not for older people who love reading young adult books.  

School has just resumed for Elena and she is ready to resume her role as the most popular girl in school.  On the first day, she is completely ignored by a new, unbelievably gorgeous, student named Stefan.  She breaks up with her boyfriend and becomes obsessed with making Stefan hers causing her to jeopardize her friendship with her friend Caroline who is also into him.  Elena finally gets the Stefan but discovers that he has a secret, obviously he is a vampire. Then there's Damon, Stefan's evil older brother, who comes to town and shakes things up. 

The only reason I decided to read this book was because I started watching the show based off this series.  That being said, the TV show is much better than this book!   Even with the missing text, from what I've read this book is just not very good.  It was a boring, unrealistic wannabe Twilight minus the werewolves.  The book started off with potential  but soon proved unable to deliver and fell short.  The ending was just confusing. This is the first in a long series but I do not plan to read anymore of them. Fortunately, we all have the TV show to keep us entertained. 

2 out of 5 STARS

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Splendor - Anna Godbersen

It is tricky to write this review without giving any spoilers.  I will try to do my best as always but I suggest reading the book before reading any reviews.  The great thing about this series is that it picks up where it left off previously while also giving subtle refreshers to jog the memory.  As to be expected, there is a lot of drama, secrets, and lies. 

Like I've said before, Diana is my favorite character!  I love everything about her in all the stories and this time is no different.  She grows a little more in each book and reminds us of how it feels to be young.  She completes her quest and finds Henry but soon discovers how much influence the elder Schoonmaker has.  They are still very much in love with one another and would like to openly be together. We find out if they are able to make it official. 
Elizabeth is still married to her deceased father's business partner.  In previous reviews, I felt that her storyline has been boring and predictable.  This time around, I liked her story much better!  She begins to suspect her husband is not as honest as he seems.  Will she find out what her husband is up to, if he's even up to anything? The return of her old friend Teddy Cutting stirs up bittersweet feelings for her. We find out if their friendship continues or dissolves now that she is married. 
Penelope is still upset with her husband Henry and finally gives up on trying to force him to love her. Whereas, in previous books, her storyline has always been interesting and exciting; this time it's a little predictable and boring.  We find out whether or not the bitch of the story gets what she deserves.  
 Lina is still pretending and, for me, she is an okay character.   It seems like throughout the series her storyline has had little impact on other characters (except book one).  She is in love with Leeland Bouchard but and old friend from the past may put all she has worked for in jeopardy. We find out if she can keep up her facade or become exposed.   

This is the fourth and final book in the Luxe series and I'm glad that she ended it.  This book definitely gives the reader closure in that it wraps up all the loose ends but leaves some things to the imagination.  I was reluctant to read this book because my friend told me that she did not like the ending. After I finally finished the book, I actually liked the way it ends.  I think the only reason why some people didn't like it was because it wasn't the predictable ending that some people were hoping for. Unfortunately this book didn't blow me away like I really wanted it to but overall a good series. 

The Luxe is Anna Godbersen's first series.  Overall, I really enjoyed reading all the books although parts of them were very predictable.  She has a new book called Bright Young Things that is scheduled to come out October 26th.  Based on a web search, it is also going to be a four - book series set in New York during the 1920s.  I will more than likely being reading it so look for that review at the end of the year! 

4 out of 5 STARS 

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