Almost to Die For - Tate Hallaway

Anastajia Parker is not your typical teenager, in fact she is witch and has been her whole life.  The only problem is that she has no powers like her mother and fellow witch friends.  She is worried that she won't pass her initiation and be cast out the inner circle.  Right before the initiation, her father appears at the door and urges her not to go to the initiation and that she is a vampire princess.  Her mom literally throws him out.  Witches and Vampires are mortal enemies.  Secrets that have been kept from Ana are revealed, only to make her life more complicated.  In addition, she is going out with a cute witch and an uber hot vampire.  Will one of them be able to win her heart? 

I found this book randomly at the library while I was looking for something totally different.  Since I haven't read a book similar to this one in while I was excited.  I don't know what I expected, but I was not impressed.  It was just okay for me.  It's just your typical paranormal book with a love triangle you can see from a mile away.  The main character, Ana, got a little annoying at times.  I know this sounds terrible but I hated that her eyes were two different colors.  Was that necessary just because she is a damphyr? Two things in particular made me uneasy about her.  First, her long lost father appears out of nowhere and she immediately starts calling him Dad?  What world does she live in?  Seriously, if my father was absent for my whole life, nothing in the world would make me call him Dad right off.  Second, she goes off on her own with a vampire stranger, Elias, to the underground lair of vampires?  Really? So, it's okay to go off with a stranger, albeit a nice stranger, to a lair full of vampires? That really had me questioning this girl's judgement and intelligence.  

As far as characters, Ana was by far my least favorite.  The fact that she could be crushing hard on one guy one minute and running off with another the next without a bit of remorse really rubbed me the wrong way.  She seemed so clueless. I think that part of my problem is that she doesn't live up to some the strong female characters that I have read in the past, namely Rose Hathaway from VA.  I know I shouldn't compare them but that's how a female lead is supposed to be and I guess it's hard to live up to those standards.  Oh, and I wasn't really a fan of Nikolai.  He definitely has some anger issues.  Since he is a vampire hunter, I'm not sure how a relationship between the two of them would work.  I guess the only character that I actually liked was Elias.  He was polite, kind, honest, and I love the way he spoke to Ana.  He seems to be the perfect guy.  As far as picking a team, I would pick neither.  I don't think Ana and Nik have any chemistry whatsoever and I think Elias is too good for her.

Besides Elias, this books saving grace is the ending.  I liked how she finally came into her powers but it was definitely rushed and went by too fast. I am more interested finding out about how things will turn out between the witches and the vampires than seeing what happens with the Ana love triangle.  

 Sadly, this one was terribly unoriginal.  Luckily, it wasn't that long and I would consider it a somewhat fun read, nothing too thought provoking.  .  Looking at it that way, it's possible for you to enjoy the book.  One downside is that it's very predictable.  I will consider reading the next book solely because I want to see what will happen between the witches and vampires now that Ana has tapped into her powers.  I also really like Elias and wondering if there will be a werewolf dynamic added to the story.  


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