Evermore - Alyson Noël

A girl named Ever suffers a tragic loss with the death of her family and is sent to live with her rich Aunt.  Soon after, she begins to know what people are thinking, see people's auras, and know their life story by touching.  She considers herself a freak and only wears hoodies (with the hood up) and drowns out people's thoughts with blasting her iPod.
Damen is gorgeous, charming, and mysterious.  Every girl in school has a crush on him but when he starts focusing all of his attention on Ever, everyone is confused including Ever herself. He seems to be able to read her mind and is able to calm down the voices just by being close to her.  Will he help change life  for Ever? (sorry I had to do it!) 

This book is okay.  The characters were okay.  However, I loved the concept behind the book better than the execution of it.  The main character, Ever, is easy to relate to especially if you have suffered the loss of a family member(s).  I liked that she can see the auras around people and I haven't seen that before but I think it could have been used a little more.  I don't like her name at all and I don't understand why she was named that.  

Riley, her sister, who is a ghost is my favorite character because she adds comedic relief to the story.  I just have one question that  I wish were answered, if she can see and talk to her ghost of a sister then can she see and interact with other ghosts?   IF she can, then I really wish that was explored more as well. 

Damen, the mysterious, is okay.  He was not my favorite and I did not fall in love with him even at the end of the book.  I did like his story after it was finally explained at the end.  Throughout the book, he was a little too much of a mystery. I knew he would be a good guy but at times I questioned his motives.  

Evermore didn't blow me away at all but I liked the concept of the immortals.  I didn't connect with the characters and I didn't feel they were as believable as they could have been.  At times, it felt like this book was just like most of the others in this genre; it needs a little more originality.  Parts of the book dragged on but it had moments that were good.  I wouldn't say it's a page turner.  Will I read the next book in this series?  Maybe, but if I do I will be getting it from the library. 

3.5 out of 5 STARS

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