Revelations - Melissa De La Cruz

Now that Schuyler is stuck living with the Force's, she has to abide by a whole new set of rules, which includes not seeing Lawrence or Ollie. To make matters worse, Mimi is meaner than ever and Jack seems to be ignoring her.  Mimi has moved up the bonding ceremony between her and Jack and doesn't miss a chance to throw it in Schuyler's face.   However, there is trouble in Rio, an important place of power for Blue Bloods, and everyone must go there to protect it.  The Silver Bloods finally make their move and it's a bloody battle that tests loyalties.  Shocking revelations are revealed about who they are really fighting against in the third installment of this series.  

I enjoyed reading this book because just as the title suggests there are a lot things revealed in the plot.  It started off a little slow but gets very good towards the end.  I like the love "square" aspect between Schuyler, Jack, Mimi, and Oliver and I'm glad she tried not to make that the main focus in the book. I like how Jack and Schuyler, despite their love, are the same situation.   However, I feel like Schuyler is less relate-able in this one because she seems very selfish, especially at the beginning.  She is so involved in her own problems that she doesn't seem to care about learning the Blue Bloods history or her lessons.  In the previous books, I wasn't sure what role Bliss played in all this but it is clear that the author had the master plan.  I didn't really care for her character up until this point and I liked that we get to learn more about her and her sister. 

Overall, I like the book and I cant't wait to get my hands on the next one!  Revelations has done a good job at revealing just enough to have the reading wanting to know more.  The beginning is a little slow but the ending to totally worth the time.  

4 out of 5 STARS

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