The Scent of Scandal - Carole Matthews

 Rose Stevens, accomplished aromatherapist, moves to a small village to escape from her problems, mostly having to do with a guy.  In comes Dan, the village handyman / heart-throb, who is also tied down to another woman.  Rose tries to win acceptance within the little village but runs into some unexpected problems. Great Brayford is filled with eccentric characters who are all curious about their new neighbor. In such a secluded area there are bound to be rumors and speculation with Rose being in the center of it all.  Can she live the peaceful life she wanted or has she simply gone from one set of problems to another? 

This is a great British romantic comedy. I got this as an audio book from the library and it was read very well.   I really enjoyed listening to this book!  There were parts that literally made me laugh out loud or gasp for breath.  I loved how all the characters were named after aromatherapy oils with neat little descriptions  of each oil ... and they stay true to the oil descriptions.  The reader can sympathize with Rose's situations, especially if you have been in love before.  The ending was very cute and made me smile.  There really wasn't much about this book that I didn't like.  
5 out 5 STARS

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