The Reckoning - Kelley Armstrong

This is the final installment of the Darkest Powers Trilogy.  Again, this one picks up where the last book left off.  Despite trying to recall the events of the previous book, once I got further into the story it all came flooding back.  Chloe and the rest of the gang have found Andrew, a family friend of Simon and Derek, and finally feel at ease with someone they trust.  They are in hiding trying to figure out a strategy to go back to the Edison Group and rescue Chloe's Aunt Lauren and their friend Rae.  Amidst  this major problem, Chloe finds herself caught between  not only two guys but two brothers.  She likes Simon but Derek and her have formed a very close bond. More trust issues arise as they continue to learn more about the Edison Group and the people who seemingly want to take them down.  In the conclusion of a great series, almost everything is answered and I couldn't put it down.  

This was a great end to a really good trilogy.  This book is fast pace and holds the reader's interest until the very end.  I liked that we got to learn even more about the characters, especially Tori.  It was nice that they all got some experience training with their powers however short lived it was.  Although Chloe still wines about her powers not being useful, it's bearable and clear that she has gained some maturity through her experiences.  Derek has been my favorite character throughout the series.  The more I read about him the more I liked his character.  I loved how the dynamics change between Chloe, Derek, and Simon.  Armstrong did a wonderful job at mixing romance and suspense and I have to say, for me, this was a page turner. The ending leaves you wanting to know more and I really wish there were going to be another book.  I almost read the whole book in one setting.  I highly recommend this trilogy to anyone interested in reading good books with a little supernatural flare. 

The reason I didn't give this book a 5-STAR rating is simple ... there are too many questions that I would have like to have answered. Maybe it was Armstrong's goal to leave the audience in suspense and let them decide for themselves.  But, in addition to other things,  I wanted to know  the explanation for the changes in the color of Chloe's necklace. 

4.5 out of 5 STARS 

I will definitely be reading The Gathering, after reading the preview at the end of this book.  I'm just going to have to be patient since it isn't due to come out until early next year.

* Update** I was told that reason that Chloe's necklace changed colors is due to the fact that she is getting stronger.  However, there is a part in the book (I don't want to give it away but when Chloe and Tori were in the cemetery) where it seemed like they were going to further explain the necklace.  

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