Snowmegeddon came and went and left me sick.

Almost everyone I know has been sick this winter, except me, until now!  Being sick has to be one of the worse feelings in the world.  I'm not a sickly type of person so when I do catch something, it hits me HARD.  There was a time, in the not so long ago past, when I could proudly say "I haven't been sick in years."  Well, today, I am eating those words.  

These colds really can sneak up on you!  On Saturday, I was fine, even went out and celebrated a friend's birthday.  Oh!  It was fun but I'm sure bar hopping and drinking all night then ending up at a Coney devouring chili cheese fries, didn't help my situation.  By the early hours of Sunday, I couldn't move.  I thought, well I'm just sore from all that dancing.  Denial. Isn't it lovely?  Shortly after that thought the coughing began.  Follow that with a fever, sore throat, stuffy/runny nose, cold sweats, and a headache and that just about covers all my symptoms. The worse is not being able to stay warm.  I had a heavy blanket, on top of flannel pajamas (don't laugh they're warm), with the heater going and still feeling cold to the core despite being soaked in sweat.  This was an ordeal folks!!  Now, after three days of being bedridden, I am able to sit up somewhat comfortably and communicate with the world.  

Some of you may ask, "Sunshine, did you take medicine?"  Normally, I don't take meds unless it is absolutely necessary.  Headaches, I usually sleep off.  This, I definitely couldn't just sleep off.  So, I forced myself to take some NyQuil, which has to be some of the most disgusting stuff ever! I also took a muscle relaxer, a prescription I still had from the car accident. (oohhh .... I guess I shouldn't have done that but they weren't expired and they helped a bit)  The real star of this story is a home remedy.  It's called a hottie tottie.   I owe you one KR-H!  I will share it with you all: a shot of brandy, tea, honey, and lemon.  Drink while hot, get under the covers and sweat it out.  I did this last night and lo and behold I am coherent today!

At first, I thought I could use this time off work confined to my bed and read to my heart's content.   Yeah, that's didn't happen.  I wish I could insert something spectacular here but alas it would not be true.  Truth: I slept for the better part of three days and when I wasn't sleep I was coughing or listening to music in what felt like a drunken stupor.  I guess the moral of this tale of mine is get a flu shot if you haven't already.  There, I said it, my good deed for the day is done.  As for now, I'm going back to bed. 

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Carissa said...

So sorry to hear you aren't feeling well! I'll send some positive energy your way! I hope that you're feeling better soon!

Bellamay said...

I'm so sorry that your sick. I hope you feel better :( and newest follower I love your blog its super cute

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