Stylish Blogger Award

WOW!  I am completely surprised by this award!! People actually visit my blog?  When did that happen? LOL  I would like to thank Laugh Love Write and A Bird's Eye View for giving me this award. I was just talking to my friend the other day about changing the look of my blog, but I think I leave it be for a while longer.  

Now, I guess I need to tell you 7 random facts about me:

  1. I never was the girly type, in fact I hung out with boys most my life, but I LOVE getting my nails and feet done.  Especially pedicures, there is nothing like it!! 
  2. I LOVE tattoos on guys, of course it depends on the tattoo. I can't bring a guy home with a spider web on his face. 
  3. I LOVE piercings!! I have 4 not including my ears.  2 studs in my nose, a lip ring, and a belly ring.
  4. I'm going to school for nursing --- so eventually I'll have to say goodbye to #3. 
  5. I adopted a cat named Daisy and even though I'm supposed to be allergic to cats, she doesn't make me sneeze! 
  6. I like mustard!! Don't say eeewww!  I like it the way most people like ketchup.  I like to dip my potato chips and french fries in it. YUM! 
  7. I can sleep any place, anywhere!  I kid you not I have been known to sleep through A LOT of noise and I don't snore either. LOL 
There you have it 7 things about me.  I hope you liked getting to know more about me! Now my final task is to award 15 other bloggers with this award! Here goes: 
  1. Bookworm Bookeater My little sister's blog.  I remember when she was the only one who read my blog.  Besides reading, school takes up most of her time. Though she doesn't update as much as she'd like I still LOVE her blog.
  2. Preternatural Primer Carissa's blog is so amazing!! She has the best Teaser Tuesday  ever and I have added a lot books to my TBR from her site.
  3. The Little Bookworm I love this blog! I love reading Andrea's reviews and her site inspired me to try more book challenges this year than I expected. 
  4. The Book Worms Such a cute blog! I love Cover Crazy!
  5. The Unread Reader I do enjoy visiting this one.  One of my favorite memes (though I have yet to participate) is My Book Boyfriend.  I love all the ones I've seen so far!
  6. The Small Town Book Blog I recently discovered this blog and I have to say I have really liked what I've seen! 
  7. Geeky Blogger's Book Blog I really love the design of this blog very stylish! Love how the rating system uses wine glasses! 
  8. Reading Lark One of the cutest blogs I follow.  I really enjoy reading this blog!
  9. Between The Covers This blog is very cute and purple is my favorite color! I like the background and the button so very much. The contents don't disappoint either!
  10. All Things Urban Fantasy This is a great blog ... very nice!  I am also a fan of urban fantasy so this is the perfect blog to get new book ideas. The bat rating is awesome!
  11. The Story Siren I love the simplicity of the background of this blog! Very nice! 
  12. Steam Punkery & Book Reviews I am also a book addict. My apartment has books everywhere too.  I really like this blog! One of the most unique blogs I've seen. 
  13. Alison Can Read This blog is sooo adorable. I think we are interested in many of the same books.  I also think it's AMAZING that she likes manga!
  14. The Book Vixen I can't say what a great site this is! I really heart everything about his blog, especially the frogs :) I also love reading her reviews
  15. Life As We Read It Another blog I have recently discovered and I'm excited to see what the future holds. 

Here's what needs to be done if you receive this award:

  • Thank the awesome person who gave you the award
  • Post 7 random things about yourself
  • Give the award to 15 other blogs
  • Contact the blogger and let them know they have won!

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Missie said...

Awe! I'm glad your cat doesn't make you sneeze! And sorry, but I have to say eeewww to mustard and ketchup.

Thanks so much for the fabu award!

The Book Vixen said...

Congrats on the award!! Thanks for sharing it with me :)

Carissa said...

Woman, you rock! Thank you so much for thinking of me. I think you're doing an awesome job here and I love your reviews!

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