Frostbite - Richelle Mead

This is the second book in the Vampire Academy series.  Rose is witness to the aftermath of a terrible Strigoi attack and news of this attack spreads quickly.  To keep the students at St. Vladimir's safe, everyone is sent to a ski resort for Christmas break instead of staying on school grounds.  The vampire community is on high alert and tempers are flaring over the debate on whether or not Moroi should be allowed to use their powers and fight alongside dhampirs.  When Rose tells a group of her friends that there may be a group of Strigoi nearby, she finds herself in a jam when they decide to go after them on their own.  It is up to her and an unlikely friend to go after them and bring them back before they get themselves killed.   

Again, I must say that this series has surprised me.  Once I started reading, it didn't  take me long to finish!  Everyone's favorite character is Rose Hathaway and for good reason! It was so nice to see Rose get down and dirty and kick some serious butt!  I really liked that she had the opportunity to be an unlikely voice of reason though the situation was brought on by her own foolishness. It was nice to get closer to Rose as she has to deal with some life changing events.  She is tough enough to hang with the guys but underneath it all she's kind hearted and willing to risk her own life to help others.  We are introduced to Rose's mother, Janine Hathaway.  I think the interactions between the two was done very well and seemed realistic.  It's not surprising  that there are a lot of similarities between the two.  I also like the uniqueness of the bond that she and Lissa share.  It's a little odd that it's only one way but for the story, it works.  As far as Lissa goes, she is okay but she has a long way to go to convince me that she isn't just another helpless Moroi.  Her ability to control spirit is neat and I hope it is explored further in the next  book; otherwise what would be the point of her having it?  She and Christian's relationship is cute and almost too perfect.  Though, I like Christian (possibly more than Lissa), their relationship wasn't all that interesting, in fact,  it was more entertaining to see him interact with the other characters. 

I LOVE how Rose acts when she is around Dimitri, especially after what happened at the end of the last book.  There is this sort of weird, awkward, sexual tension that was great to see.  Rose, however, does get annoying at times because she shows that she is young needs more time to mature.  In addition to Mason, Adrian Ivashkov was a nice monkey wrench thrown in there trying to steal some attention from our heroine.  However, I think her heart is with Dimitri despite all the distractions.  

 I enjoyed the plot of this one, though nothing much happens until about midway to the end.  The ending however is a huge shocker and I think readers will be blind-sighted by it.  The second  book was worth reading for the Rose/Dimitri drama and for the ending.  So far this series has proved to be much better than anyone could have expected.  It's a great balance of action and romance, with interesting characters who get themselves into a whole lot of trouble. If you like this genre of books then trust me you'll be hooked.  

I must address how stupid all the covers are in this series.  This series is too good for people to be deterred from reading it simply because the cover looks dumb. 

4 out of 5 STARS

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