The Last Olympian - Rick Riordan

Everything that has happened up to this point, has been building up to this book.  All of the demigods and their allies have been preparing, as  best they can, for the final showdown with Kronos.  The prophesy has been revealed and Percy has some life-altering decisions to make.  Kronos' army is stronger than ever and they know their chances of defeating him are slim, especially with the Ares cabin refusing to fight.  In addition, there is a mole within the group feeding information directly back to Kronos! The gods are busy fighting the titan Typhon who is rampaging across the country headed for Mount Olympus while Poseidon is fighting another titan Oceanus.  Our favorite group of heroes are on their own to stop the titan god of time in the conclusion to this epic story. 

Sadly, this marks the end of the Percy Jackson series.  Let me just say, this has quickly become one of my favorites!  From beginning to end, the books got increasingly good.  Despite minor complaints, this is a great story that anyone can enjoy: young and old alike.  From the first chapter and throughout, there was not a dull moment in this book.  You got action from beginning to end.  I know we are used to some comedic relief or banter between the main characters but there really wasn't any room for that in this book.  No complaints here because that definitely should be expected with a war raging and the possibility of the world ending based on the actions of a group of teenagers.  More people die and I was at the edge of my seat hoping that all of the main characters survive.  I liked the way the story unfolded and the wrap up left me feeling like reading this the whole series was totally worth it.  

If I had one complaint it would be that the battle seemed to be a bit choppy.  They would start fighting and stop and start again.  My one and only wish is that the fighting would have been a little more smoother.  That being said, I understand why it had to be broken up that way as well as it can't be expected for them to fight non-stop without at least taking a break to tend to the wounded.  Still, it felt a little choppy.  There was a couple of nice twists at the end, some of which I saw coming while others were a good surprise.  I would definitely recommend this series to anyone who likes young adult and even adults too! 

There is a teaser at the very end alluding to another series he is doing set in the same world but around different characters.  No doubt I plan on reading that one too. 

5 out of 5 STARS

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